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Colors children's book

Hervé Tullet, genius of interactive books, takes up the line of his previous creation called "A book", playing this time and making readers play with colors. He invites them to experiment with them, to darken them, to lighten them, to mix them, to discover them, by splashing brushstrokes here and there. No child or adult can resist the games Tullet proposes. It is like taking a fun painting class with the best teacher, the one who challenges the student, accompanies him and applauds him. A book that will leave the child's memory painted with colors, astonishment and pleasure.

Bib with sleeves

Fully water repellent The middle part is made of 100% organic cotton (GOTS) with a nice print. The back contains a water-repellent polyester fabric. The sleeves are also made of water-repellent polyester fabric. Practical: with the adjustable snap buttons, the bibs can always be adjusted to fit the child's neck - more comfort! The water-repellent layer is made of PUL. This is polyester with a laminated layer, so the clothes stay nice and dry. This bib is completely BPA free and water repellent all over.