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Welcome to Mi Rinconcito Montessori!

Welcome to our online shop Mi Rinconcito Montessori, a place where every toy is replaced by an adventure.

Our History  

Think about it: We live in a world where toys are seen as the key to children's happiness. But what if we told you that at "Mi Rinconcito Montessori" we believe the opposite? Here, happiness is found in the freedom to explore, imagine and create with what nature and our environment offer us.

Remember: the first flash of joy in your childhood probably didn't come from a toy, but from a moment, a sensation, an experience. Now, look at your children. Will true happiness really come from yet another toy in their collection?

Our journey began in a chance encounter between families during a rural getaway at Easter. With no toys at hand and nature as our only witness, we witnessed how our children's overflowing imaginations turned the simplest things into pure magic. Happiness was in the dirt that stained their clothes, in the little creatures that awakened their wonder, in an old ball that was all they needed to laugh out loud.

That experience was an awakening. We realised that the true richness of our children was not measured by the number of toys in their room, but by the richness of their experiences and the quality of our shared time. The invitation to play, "Will you play with me?", became a powerful call to action for us.

And we were thinking how lucky our children are to have so many toys, but we were deluding ourselves. The opposite is true. The simple things are what make them happiest, they play more with cardboard boxes than with any other toy, building their castle, or a library like my daughter Marta, hahaha.

At "Mi Rinconcito Montessori", we want to go back to those basic principles. We create a space where simplicity becomes the perfect playground for imagination and creativity. Where each child can explore, learn and grow in a natural way, guided by their innate curiosity.

Our mission

En My Rinconcito Montessori, we are committed to rekindling the spark of childhood and reminding you that you're never too old to explore the world of play. Every product we offer is designed to spark the imagination, from the simplest wishes to the most ambitious dreams. We pride ourselves on being the place where adults and children alike can find happiness in every smile and fun in every adventure.

At our online toy shop, we have a young and vibrant team whose goal is to provide comprehensive customer advice and support, ensuring a completely satisfying shopping experience. We put people first, which is why we strive to bring the remote shopping experience as close as possible, creating an environment that is as familiar and trustworthy as a traditional shop.

From children's furniture and decoration to educational toys, educational books, crafts and puzzles, we strive to offer you a carefully selected range of products in our online shop, always with the best for the little ones in mind. As new parents, we understand your needs and will be happy to help you every step of the way. Whether by phone, chat, WhatsApp or email, we will be available to answer all your questions and accompany your children in the wonderful adventure of childhood.

Although our vision is fundamental in defining our raison d'être, our business idea is transparent and straightforward:

"The best childhood memories begin with play; our Montessori toys are designed to make every moment a story worth remembering."